Transparency Suite

Fiscal Transparency Dashboard

Representing the “checks and balances” of fiscal responsibility and transparency of County Mental Health programs

This dashboard displays information about funding and expenditures by County Mental Health/Behavioral Health departments in programs under the Mental Health Service Act (MHSA), including revenue from the Mental Health Services Fund, Realignment funds, and Medi-Cal matching funds.

Data for this tool are drawn from the Department of Health Care Services’ (DHCS) Revenue and Expenditure Data File. Given that MHSA funds come with pre-determined timelines, transactional data were processed following a strict first-in first-out order to maximally preserve county’s ability to use the funds and to derive closing balances for each fiscal year (FY). These dashboards provide additional features including the capability to compare counties and print fiscal data.

The dashboard reports historic revenue, expenditures and local fund balances (“closing balances”) as of June 30th of the reporting fiscal year. These data are submitted annually to the State in January of the following fiscal year (7 months later). Some of the funds shown as unspent may be “encumbered” in contracts for future expenditure or will have been spent before the end-of-fiscal year annual reports are due to the State. Under state law, counties generally have three to five years to expend each year’s MHSA allocations based on plans developed with broad local community participation. You can explore the composition of unspent fund balances on the MHSA Details tab below.

Inyo has not finalized their RERs for FY 2019-20.

Inyo, Plumas, San Benito, and Tehama have not finalized FY 2020-21 RER as of August 30, 2022.

Key Findings/Highlights

Compared to FY 2019–20, statewide (with a total of 55 RERs) MHSA expenditures increased by 2.7% to $2.28 billion in FY 2020–21, while revenue has increased by 49.0% to $2.79 billion.
Statewide MHSA closing balance for FY 2020–21 was $2.78 billion, a 22.7% increase from FY 2019–20; and the majority (>$2.10 billion) is from Fund Year FY 2020-21.
For FY 2020–21, statewide non-MHSA expenditure was $1.67 billion, primarily funded by Medi-Cal Federal Fiscal Participation (approximately $1.26 billion).