Prevention & Early Intervention

Focusing on the prevention of factors and conditions that put mental health at risk and creating communities where all people can be well and thrive

Well and Thriving

Everyone should have the opportunity to be well and thrive, yet one in four people worldwide will experience a significant disruption to their mental wellbeing at some point in their lifetime. Though these disruptions often result from complex individual, relational, societal, and cultural factors, research shows that well-timed interventions can prevent or lessen serious mental health challenges.

“All Californians should have the opportunity to thrive. Many will experience challenges to their mental wellbeing at some point during their lifetime. Effective prevention and early intervention strategies that work as upstream as possible must be deployed and sustained in all of our communities to reduce the suffering and loss of life that can result when mental health needs go unaddressed.”

Mara Madrigal-Weiss

Commission Chair and Project Chair, MHSOAC

Well and Thriving: Advancing Prevention And Early Intervention in Mental Health


This project aims to identify opportunities for promoting early intervention as threats to mental health emerge to prevent them from becoming more severe.

This project aims to identify opportunities for reducing mental health risk and promoting early intervention to prevent the negative outcomes that may occur as a result of mental health challenges. The project will produce data monitoring and technical support strategies to further the vision of prevention and early intervention called for by the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA).


California voters passed the MHSA to transform the state’s mental health systems by providing additional resources for mental health care, prioritizing prevention and early intervention, and supporting innovative approaches to meeting needs.

In early 2019, the Commission launched a policy research project to explore opportunities for prevention and early intervention in mental health. Guided by a directive from the Governor and Legislature (Chapter 843, Statutes of 2018), the Commission also sought to explore opportunities to promote the Prevention and Early Intervention component of the MHSA through evaluation and technical support.

Next Steps

  1. Advance the adopted report’s directives

    Commission staff will work with other partners to implement the directives outlined in the Commission’s adopted report.

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