Grant & Funding Opportunities

Grant & Funding Opportunities

The Commission distributes competitive grant funding to support specific initiatives through Requests for Proposals (RFP) and Requests for Applications (RFA).

Projects funded through RFPs and RFAs seek to drive positive change in mental health crisis response approaches (Triage), school-based mental health (MHSSA), early intervention for psychosis (EPI Plus), and allcove® youth drop-in centers.

In addition, the Commission periodically releases RFPs in support of stakeholder advocacy efforts addressing the needs of specific groups, including Transition Aged Youth, Veterans, LGBTQ+ communities, Parents and Caregivers, Consumers, Families of Consumers, Diverse Racial and Ethnic Communities, and Immigrants and Refugees. The Commission supports grantees’ work through technical assistance.

An Overview: The Bidding Process

The Commission releases RFPs and RFAs when funds become available and awards grants through a competitive bid process. If applicants meet minimum qualifications, subject matter experts evaluate the applications and proposals to determine the highest scores. The highest scoring applications and proposals are recommended to the Commission for award. The Commission considers the recommendation for grant funding, and if approved, publishes a Notice of Intent to Award on its website and through a listserv announcement.

Bidding Process Steps

  1. Release of the RFP/RFA

    The RFP/RFA is released upon approval of the Commission. All RFPs/RFAs include a due date in the Key Action Dates section and other dates related to the procurement process.

  2. Bidder’s Conference

    A Bidder’s Conference is held to answer potential applicants’ questions regarding the RFP/RFA. All questions and answers are provided through a Question and Answer log posted on the Commission’s website.

  3. Application Due Date

    All applications/ proposals are due on the date provided in the Key Action Dates section of the RFP/RFA.

  4. Evaluation

    A team of subject matter experts scores RFPs/RFAs by consensus. The highest scoring applications are then recommended for funding.

  5. Notice of Intent to Award

    The Commission receives an overview of the RFP/RFA procurement process, the highest scores are announced, and the Commission considers awarding funds as recommended.

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