Upstream University

Ideas to reshape the way our world approaches mental health care

Welcome to Upstream University, sharing innovative, effective ways of thinking about mental health. This video series was created with forward-thinking experts from the mental health community to provide tools to be proactive about mental health – to travel upstream to reduce risks and increase resiliency. Each episode features a wealth of knowledge from a dedicated expert.

Navigating the Mental Health Services
Kylene Hashimoto of The Wildfire Effect shares her own experience navigating the mental health system, and how that struggle led her to become an advocate for the mental health system to include people with lived experience in the development of ongoing supports.

Digital Apothecaries for Mental Health
Dr. Ricardo F. Muñoz discusses how digital interventions can help scale mental health services and reach more people than before. These Massive Open Online Interventions can provide people with effective tools for preventing crisis and increasing wellbeing while lowering the cost of care to providers.

Reversing Inequity in Mental Health
Dr. Andrés Felipe Sciolla discusses how mental health disparities can be prevented by using a public health lens to view inequity, health, resources, and stress.