Innovation Approvals – November 2017



Santa Clara County

Client and Consumer Employment Project:  Employment is one of the greatest positive outcomes of mental health treatment and contributes greatly to a person’s overall sense of well-being.  This project will engage clients and consumers to identify their employment goals as part of their treatment plans using the evidence-based practice, the Individual Placement and Support Supported Employment (IPS/SE).  Targeted populations are Transition Age Youth and Adults/Older Adults with severe mental illness.  Two fulltime employment specialists, and a part time clinical management supervisor will be hired at each of the three program sites. Total amount approved:  $2,525,148 over three years

Faith Based Training and Supports Project:  According to Santa Clara County staff, individuals and families in mental health distress are more likely to seek help from faith or spiritual leaders who may not be aware of services in the area. Called Behavioral Health 101, the County will develop this customized training program for faith/spiritual leaders; in turn, the faith leaders will develop a training for Behavioral Health specialists, County staff, and service providers on the role of spirituality in wellness and recovery.  The target population of this project is African-American, Chinese, Filipino, Latino and Vietnamese communities. Total amount approved:  $608,964 over two years

Headspace: This “one-stop-shop” model of care has been used in Australia to help young people find timely, appropriate treatment to meet their mental health needs. Santa Clara County will use the headspace model to provide youth between the ages of 12-25 with coping skills and support systems; it may also provide early identification and intervention related to the signs of mental illness and suicide. The project will be rolled out in two phases: 1) an eight-month “ramp up” phase to design the framework and 2) an implementation phase.  This funding will support the “ramp up” phase; the county plans to return to the Commission to seek funding for the implementation phase after that time. Total amount approved: $572,273 over eight months

Psychiatric Emergency Response Team (PERT): There have been a high number of suicides and suicide clusters by young adults in Palo Alto. In an effort to increase access to services and divert individuals away from Emergency Psychiatric Services, Santa Clara County will teach law enforcement to recognize mental health issues and diffuse crisis situations without the use of force, particularly among 18-25 year olds.  A licensed mental health clinician will accompany law enforcement on emergency calls; peer support services will be offered after the crisis has been resolved. A health care program manager, and eight psychiatric social workers will be hired, in addition to a part time health service representative. Total amount approved:  $3,688,511 over two years

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