AB 1134 Mental Health Services Act Fellowship Program Advisory Committee Application for Appointment


Assembly Bill 1134 (Gloria), Chapter 412, Statutes of 2017 authorizes the Commission to establish a Mental Health Policy Fellowship for a mental health professional and a mental health consumer. These Fellowships create an opportunity for collaborative learning for the Fellows, the Commission and stakeholders. The Fellowship Program seeks to expand opportunities for consumers and practitioners to inform the work of the Commission and public policy, while creating professional opportunities for consumers and practitioners to be exposed to the policy process and the work of the Commission. The Fellowships will enhance opportunities for the Commission to understand new and emerging challenges facing California’s mental health system through the lens of practitioners and persons with lived experience. The Commission is establishing the Advisory Committee to provide guidance on the Fellowship Program goals, design, eligibility criteria, and application process.

Pursuant to California Welfare and Institutions Code §5835.5, membership of the MHSA Fellowship Program Advisory Committee can be in the following capacities:

  • Persons with personal experience with the mental health system
  • Mental health professionals
  • Persons with experience with similar fellowship programs
  • Persons with diverse perspectives who can assist the Commission to meet the goals of the fellowship program

To all persons interested in applying to serve on the MHSOAC Fellowship Program Advisory Committee, the Commission thanks you for your interest and asks that you please refer to the following application instructions.


Deadline for Submission of Application: Application is now closed.