Transformational Change Report: July – December 2023

The Mental Health Commission works every day to catalyze transformational change across mental health services and systems in California.

We are excited to share the semi-annual report – a snapshot of our work from July 1 through December 31, 2023 – to provide insights and highlights of our impact through our initiatives, community engagement, upstream organizing principles, and strategic planning.

Key accomplishments  include: 

  • STRATEGIC PLANNING: Review the Commission’s most recent strategic plan and look at the process and goals shaping the 2024-2027 strategic plan..
  • COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Examine how community voices are impacting the Commission’s work, and preview an online interactive tool that will provide greater transparency into the Commission’s activities.
  • ORGANIZING PRINCIPLES OF OUR WORK: Explore the four principles that guide our mission and shape our initiatives.

Inside you will also find: 

  • A community events recap
  • An update on our people and processes
  • Progress reports on Commission activities
  • An overview of what we have in store for 2024