Transformational Change Report: January – June 2022

The Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission, along with state, county, and local partners, works every day to make a difference in the wellbeing of nearly 40 million Californians. 

We are excited to share this report  – a snapshot of our work from January through June 2022 – to provide insights and highlights of our impact through our initiatives, committees, and community engagement. 

Key accomplishments  include: 

  • ON SCREEN: Sponsorship of the Ken Burns documentary Hiding In Plain Sight: Youth Mental Illness to support the demystification and destigmatization of mental health through storytelling.
  • PARTNERSHIP: The Commission evaluated the six Innovation Incubator projects resulting in extremely positive feedback from county officials, particularly on the technical assistance that was tailored to their precise needs.
  • DATA: The Commission’s research on California Department of Public Health statistics successfully linked death record data to demographic and service characteristics of public mental health consumers who died by suicide.

Inside you will also find: 

  • A community events recap
  • Our 11 initiatives at a glance
  • Community engagement and grants
  • Committee updates 
  • What’s next?