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Intent to Apply Updated Due Date: January 17, 2020

Application Due Date for Existing Partnership: February 28, 2020

Application Due Date for New/Emerging Partnership: May 8, 2020 June 12, 2020 by 4:00 PM


Mental Health Student Services Act - Request for Application

The Mental Health Student Services Act (MHSSA) is a competitive grant program established to fund partnerships between county behavioral health departments and local education entities for the purpose of increasing access to mental health services in locations that are easily accessible to students and their families. The MHSOAC will award grants totaling $75 million dollars over a four-year grant cycle, to county behavioral health departments to fund the partnership between educational and county mental health agencies. The grants awarded shall be used to provide support services that include, at a minimum, services provided on school campuses, suicide prevention services, drop-out prevention services, placement assistance and service plans for students in need of ongoing services, and outreach to high-risk youth, including foster youth, youth who identify as LGBTQ, and youth who have been expelled or suspended from school.

County, city, or multi-county mental health or behavioral health departments, or a consortium of those entities, including multi-county partnerships, may, in partnership with one or more school districts and a County Office of Education or charter school within the county, apply for a grant. An educational entity may be designated as the lead agency to submit the application, while the county, city or multicounty mental health department, or consortium, shall receive the grant funds. Allocation of grant funds require that all school districts, charter schools and the County Office of Education be invited to participate in the partnership, to the extent possible, and that applicants include with their application a plan developed and approved with the participating educational partners.

Applicants will apply as either an existing partnership (two or more years) or a new emerging partnership (less than two years), and the grant applications will be evaluated based on those two categories as well as county size (small, medium and large). Note that new emerging partnerships have a later application due date.