Suicide Prevention

About the MHSOAC Suicide Prevention Project and Suicide Prevention Subcommittee

Photo of Tina Wooten
Tina Wooten

- Chair of the MHSOAC Suicide Prevention Subcommittee

Suicide Prevention Plan

Suicide is one of the leading causes of death in California, for both youth and adults. More than 4,000 Californians die by suicide every year, and thousands more attempt suicide. The MHSOAC has been directed by the legislature to develop a statewide strategic plan for suicide prevention.

The Suicide Prevention Subcommittee is a subcommittee of MHSOAC Commissioners, and was formed to lead this work. The Suicide Prevention Subcommittee is chaired by Commissioner Tina Wooton, and includes Commissioners Khatera Tamplen and Mara Madrigal-Weiss.

The Commission engaged with a broad array of stakeholders to gather information and build a common understanding of the challenges and opportunities to reducing suicide, suicide attempts, and suicidal behavior.

Project Goal

Develop a statewide suicide prevention plan to reduce suicide and suicidal behavior including thoughts of suicide, and associated harm to families, loved ones, and communities, and to improve outcomes for survivors of suicide attempts and their families. The plan should include prevention, early intervention, and response strategies. 

Suicide Prevention Plan

Third Draft Suicide Prevention Plan

Second Draft Suicide Prevention Plan

First Draft Suicide Prevention Plan

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