Transition Age Youth Takes Seat at MHSOAC State Commission Meeting



April 26, 2018

Anaheim — To ensure that youth voice is heard, the Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission welcomed a Transition Age Youth to participate in its deliberations at its regular Commission meeting last month.

“I believe that the loudest voices in the room whether they’re figuratively or metaphorically in the room aren’t the ones that govern the conversation; that it’s actually people in the field that are doing the real work and not just talking about it,” said Commission Chair John Boyd. “They’re doing the work every single day. A big part of that in California is our youth and our young people’s voice (is so important) so I’m very proud that the Commission has a young person in our mix to consult with and weigh in with their perspective in the commission processes and issues that impact them.”

Furthermore, having a Transition Age Youth at the table also gives the Commission a chance to mentor young people and advance their understanding of advocacy and engagement in public policies specific to mental health, Boyd added. He then introduced Kimberly Coronel.

“Hi everyone, I am a freshman at Cal State San Bernardino and I am a former foster youth,” she said. “I have been in the system since I was four years old. But however many struggles foster youth has brought me, it has also allowed me to succeed. I believe that youth have a really good voice when it comes to knowing their mental health needs.”