Stakeholder Advocacy Contract Surveys


The Commission has $12M for six Stakeholder Advocacy Contracts to distribute this fiscal year and is seeking input on the needs and services available to support six identified unserved/underserved populations in California.

The purpose of this survey is to ascertain the focus and work of organizations that are currently supporting the identified six populations in accessing mental health services, advocating on behalf of relevant mental health and wellness services, providing education and training, or conducting research and evaluation of the needs and services.

Your responses will help inform the facilitation of a series of community listening sessions designed to support stakeholder advocacy funding on behalf of these populations in California. You may complete a survey for each relevant population.

Click each link below to download the corresponding population survey:

Survey responses, questions, and feedback may be sent to Michele Nottingham, MHSOAC Stakeholder Program Lead, at:

Please send all survey responses to the Commission by Monday, September 9, 2019.