Innovation Approvals – October 2017



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Los Angeles and Kern Counties

Increasing Access to Mental Health Services and Supports utilizing a Suite of Technology-Based Mental Health Solutions: In an effort to reach a large number of people who do not seek mental health treatment (estimated to be a significant portion of the 1 in 5 persons experiencing mental health challenges), these two counties, as part of a multi-county collaborative, will implement a technology-based service to provide mental health services.  The project will involve the coordination of a web-based network of trained, on-call peers available 24/7 to talk with individuals experiencing symptoms of mental illness.  California Mental Health Services Authority (CalMHSA), a Joint Powers Authority, will act as the fiscal agent.  Total amount approved:  $33,000,000 over three years

Mendocino County

Round Valley Crisis Response Services: Mendocino County is a small rural county that is geographically large.  Up to 40% of the community residents of Round Valley are American Indian/Alaskan Native, an underserved population.  This project will learn how institutional and governmental agencies can work effectively with the local and tribal community to meet the needs of the community, particularly in developing a culturally responsive crisis response system.  Total amount approved:  $1,124,293 over three years

San Diego County

Urban Beats:  This project uses a multi-tiered approach to mental health through artistic expression, social media workshops and one-to-one coaching for Transitional Age Youth.  The county is asking for an extension of this project to address the needs of the previously unaddressed areas of North County and the East African Community in San Diego, and to help with transportation barriers identified in the first stages of the program.  Additional staff will also be hired.  Total amount approved:  $2,259,447 over two years

Cognitive Rehabilitation and Exposure/Sorting Therapy (CREST) Mobile Hoarding Units:  The program development of the original request for this project (2015) was delayed due to contracting processes.  The first clients were not seen until 2016 primarily in the Central and North regionals of the county. This extension will allow the county to expand the program countywide, include bi-lingual social workers and create two mobile hoarding units for the Est/South regions.  Total amount approved:  $2,913,159 over two years

Telemental Health:  The county has noticed there is a remarkable percentage of discharged psychiatric patients who do not follow up with services and re-enter psychiatric facilities within 30-90 days after their initial discharge.  The county wants to increase access to these clients by providing clients using crisis services with a telecommunication device prior to their discharge.  The clients/consumers will be trained on how to use the device.  Total amount approved:  $5,253,376 over five years

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