Early Psychosis Intervention Plus (EPI Plus) Program Description

On October 2, 2017, Governor Brown signed Assembly Bill 1315 (AB 1315), establishing the Early Psychosis Intervention Plus (EPI Plus) Program, creating the Early Psychosis and Mood Disorder Detection and Intervention Fund (Fund) within the State Treasury and directing the Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission to implement the program.

The EPI Plus Program establishes a framework and strategy to support collaborative efforts to shift emphasis in California’s mental health system to early detection and intervention. Through programs that harness a coordinated specialty treatment approach, evidence-based therapies, family support, medication management, and recovery-oriented practices to address psychotic symptoms and promote resilience, the EPI Plus Program is intended to improve the lives of Californians with mental health needs before those needs escalate and become severe or disabling.

Funding for the EPI Plus Program derives from donations, federal, state and private grants and other sources of revenue. Monies for the program will be utilized to support community-level early psychosis and mood disorder detection and intervention programs for adolescents and young adults. Additionally, AB 1315 establishes an advisory committee to provide guidance in administering a competitive selection process to provide funding for these programs.

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