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Welcome to the MHSOAC Triage page!

Here you will find information regarding the crisis services being done in 24 counties throughout the state, including who to contact at the state level regarding support for each county. 

Triage services allow crisis personnel to reach out to people during crisis before their situations become more desperate, linking them to appropriate services.  The Mental Health Wellness Act of 2013, SB 82, provided $32 million in grants to hire up to 600 triage personnel statewide.  Those mental health workers provide crisis support services at shelters, jails, hospitals and clinics, including mobile crisis support teams.  The availability of crisis intervention services can divert people from incarceration and lessen the use of hospital emergency rooms and psychiatric beds.

For questions or additional information, please contact

Request for Application for Second Round of SB 82 Triage grants

The second round of crisis triage grants will be awarded in 2018. The Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission (MHSOAC) will release the Request for Application (RFA) for this next round of funding in 2018. The purpose of the triage grant is to increase the number of personnel to provide crisis intervention, crisis stabilization, mobile crisis support, and intensive case management and linkage to services. Individuals experiencing a mental health crisis will be assisted in various settings such as schools, shelters, jails, clinics, and in the community. These funds provide the opportunity for counties, counties acting jointly and city behavioral health departments to reduce the costs associated with long stays in emergency departments, link to services for those released from jails, and reduce the time spent by law enforcement on mental health crisis calls.


Investment in Mental Health Wellness Act of 2013: Request for Application

Request for Application / Attachment 11: Budget Worksheet / Attachment 15: Hiring Information Report


SB 82 Triage Information

Program Overview / Senate Bill 82  


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Triage Face-to-Face Meeting Materials

SB 82 Triage Grant Information Gathering June 29, 2017
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