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San Luis Obispo County to open 'Crisis Stabilization Unit' for mental health patients

San Luis Obispo County will soon open a Crisis Stabilization Unit.

In the facility, there will be four new beds for community members experiencing a psychiatric crisis.

The facility will be at 2180 Johnson Avenue in San Luis Obispo, behind the main Health Agency building.

Right now, a there are a total of 16 inpatient beds for those who need mental health services in San Luis Obispo County.

Police say those beds are often full and they take mental health calls daily.

"People break down, people have mental problems all hours of the day and night. There's no accounting for if there's a bed available. They need the help when they need the help," said Sgt. Jeff Booth of San Luis Obispo Police Department.

Four more beds will be added to the county's list of resources by the end of January, and police say they could use the extra resource.

"It's not always an option to take people to jail. Being mentally ill is not a crime. Often, the only answer for us is to put them on a hold so they can be evaluated and either counseling or medication or whatever they need to become stabilized," said Sgt. Booth.

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