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Mental health urgent care clinic to open Nov. 29

After years of mental health patients inundating Sacramento area emergency rooms, Sacramento County will open a new mental health urgent clinic to provide an intermediate level of care for people struggling to find the right treatment, county officials said.

The clinic will open Nov. 29 on Stockton Boulevard next door to the county’s Mental Health Treatment Center. It will offer a variety of services from clinical and psychiatry services, to alcohol and drug screening, medication, peer support and recovery services, said Uma Zykofsky, mental health director for Sacramento County.

“It’s built to handle crisis situations, but self-described crisis situations sometimes,” Zykofsky said. “For instance, I might go to an emergency department because I’m running out of a refill and I’m trying to get a refill. That’s not really a crisis situation but it’s an urgent type of service need.”

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