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County Spotlight - Stanislaus

(Published in 2016)

Day 1: County Demographics

Located in the heart of California’s fertile San Joaquin Valley, Stanislaus County encompasses more than 1,500 square miles in size with a mix of rural areas and urban communities along the Highway 99 and Highway 5 corridors.

The city of Modesto is the county seat and the largest city in the county. Stanislaus County is home to 518,336 residents. It includes the cities of Ceres, Turlock, Oakdale, Riverbank, Patterson, Hughson, Newman, and Waterford.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau (2013), the demographics of Stanislaus County are as follows: Race: White 77.2%, Other Race 8.6%, Asian or Pacific Islander 5.9%, Multiracial 4.6%, African American 2.8%, and American Indian or Alaska Native 1.0%. Ethnicity: Latino 43%, Non-Latino 58%.

Day 2: Adult System of Care

The Adult System of Care provides outpatient treatment for adults from the age of 18 years with serious and persistent mental illness and/or substance use disorders. Services are provided at various locations throughout Stanislaus County and are referred to as Regional Teams.

Mental health rehabilitation and recovery services are provided for individuals who, as a result of serious and persistent mental illness, have difficulty maintaining a stable residence, significant inability to engage in productive activities and daily responsibilities, or experience frequent or lengthy psychiatric hospitalization. The following MHSA program serves transition aged young adults (TAYA), adults, and older adults:

Stanislaus Homeless Outreach Program (SHOP)
500 9th Street, Suite B
Modesto, California 95350
Telephone: 209-341-1824
Fax: 209-523-1296 FAX
Days/Hours: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday – Friday

The Telecare operated SHOP program provides culturally competent mental health services to adults with serious mental illness and a history of homelessness. The team provides the support members need to successfully achieve their own personal recovery goals.

The SHOP program provides a continuity of care and a menu of treatment options utilizing the Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) model. This variety of options supports individuals in all levels of their recovery while offering choice and flexibility to members and their families. All of the programs offer case management and psychiatric services as well as 24/7 crisis intervention services.

To find out more about BHRS and MHSA programs for adults, please visit our website at Stanislaus County


Day 3: Children's System of Care

The Children's System of Care offers children, adolescents, and their families a variety of mental health services. The following MHSA program focuses on diverse transition aged young adults (TAYA):

Josie's Place Drop-In Center
1208 9th St.
Modesto, CA, 95354
Telephone: 209-558-4464
Days/Hours: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday – Friday

Josie’s Place is a membership-driven "clubhouse" type center for diverse transition age young
adults (TAYA) with mental illness. Outreach to and participation from Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Transsexual and Questioning (LGBTQ) youth are included in the cultural sensitivity of services provided.

The following peer support groups are offered: Seeking safety, aggression reduction therapy, gender specific peer support, and an active LGBTQ support group.

Telecare Josie's TRAC
1208 9th St.
Modesto, CA, 95354
Telephone: 209-558-4762
Days/Hours: 24/7, 365 days

This program is a Full Service Partnership (FSP) operated by Telecare Recovery
Access Center. The team provides case management, therapy, and psychiatric services in
English, Spanish, Laotian, and Thai languages.

To learn more about BHRS and MHSA programs in the BHRS Children’s System of Care, please visit our website at Stanislaus County


Day 4: Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI)

An important focus of this Stanislaus County MHSA component is the Community Capacity Building Initiative. It includes the Realiando Alianza & Inspirando Sabiduria (RAIZ)/Creating Alliances & Inspiring Wisdom Promotores program. Promotores plan and support community led interventions that sustain well-being, reduce the mental illness stigma, and connect isolated individuals to a community of support. They serve as true agents of change to create neighborhoods that promote wellness and reduce risk factors.

The program was evaluated and recognized as a culturally defined promising practice for mental health prevention and early intervention by the Center for Dignity, Recovery, and Empowerment, a project of the Mental Health Association of San Francisco.

The PEI program is housed at BHRS.

Prevention and Early Intervention
1917 Memorial Drive
Ceres, California 95307
Phone: (209) 541-2555
Fax: (209) 541-2556

To learn more about Promotores and other PEI programs in Stanislaus County, please visit our website at Stanislaus Prevention


Day 5: Innovation (INN)

Innovation funds and evaluates new approaches that increase access to unserved and underserved communities, promote interagency collaboration, and increase the quality of services. Garden Gate Innovative Respite is an ongoing Innovation project in Stanislaus County.

The aim of the three year project is to increase the quality of services, including better outcomes, by developing and testing a consumer and family centered approach to short term crisis respite housing. It also offers peer support and community resource linkages for individuals and their families who are at risk for psychiatric hospitalization.

Operated by Turning Point Community Programs, the project is exploring whether a “culture” shift can occur in the community that creates better alignment between the needs and supports available.

To learn more about MHSA and INN programs in Stanislaus County, please visit our website at