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County Spotlight - Solano

Day 1: Hispanic Outreach and Latino Access (HOLA) Program

The goal for the Hispanic Outreach and Latino Access (HOLA) program is to increase awareness and understanding, to the Latino community, of the mental health services provided by Solano County. Through outreach and the development of relationships with non-mental health organizations (churches, primary care, family resources centers, etc.) the HOLA program provides information and resources as they relate to mental health and the Latino community. As a result of program outreach, a total of 132 calls came in specifically to the HOLA coordinator during Fiscal Year (FY)2014-2015.


Day 2: Filipino Outreach Program (KAAGAPAY)

In May 2015,  KAAGAPAY , which means “reliable companion,” was launched to increase access to mental health services for the Solano Filipino community. KAAGAPAY aims to:

a. Improve the cultural competency of mental health providers;
b. Reduce the stigma of mental health through psycho-education within the community;
c. Educate schools, medical and mental health providers and other partner agencies on how to best serve the population with culturally sensitive approaches; and
d.  Collaborate with the faith communities for reciprocity of resources.


Day 3: LGBTQ Welcoming Project

Focuses on educating and raising awareness around the special challenges faced by LGBTQ community members that are intrinsic to their mental well-being, helping organizations to decrease barriers to care and service for this population, and promoting tolerant and welcoming policies and practices through training and education, while also providing specific targeted group support in a variety of venues to individuals known to be at higher risk for mental illness, especially depression and suicide as a result of their gender or sexual preferences. In FY 2014-2015, Solano County MHSA contracted with Rainbow Community Center of Contra Costa County to create and implement a comprehensive needs-assessment of the Solano County LGBTQ community, and to provide technical assistance and support of the local LGBTQ Center, Solano Pride.

Day 4: Transition Age Youth: Early

Psychosis Detection Program provides services to youth ages 12-25, who are either exhibiting early signs of psychosis or have had a first episode of psychosis and are developing a major mental illness. The program is provided in collaboration with the University of California, Davis and Aldea Children and Family Services, Inc. This program provides assessment services, and early intervention treatment services to the TAY population, as well as educates community partners on the early signs of psychosis, and how to refer individuals to the program.


Day 5: Homeless Mentally Ill Short Term Residential Program

Provides a twenty-four seven supervised, 72 hour respite program to the currently homeless mentally ill consumer or at risk, homeless, low-income individuals or families experiencing mental illness. The short term goal of this program is to get homeless mentally ill individuals off the streets to safety; and the long term goal is to increase their mental health to function independently without being a risk to themselves or others and transition to long-term stable housing. Solano County has partnered with Heather House and Caminar, Inc. to provide this service to the local community.