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County Spotlight - Riverside

The annual Get Psyched seminar is designed to engage local high school students in an ongoing discussion about behavioral health careers, challenges and stigma. This seminar creates a safe and engaging environment where high school students, behavioral health professionals, community colleges and universities come together to gain a deeper understanding about mental health, wellness and career development within the region. The seminar offers workshops on key behavioral health topics, demonstrations of services, and opportunities to interact with professionals from a variety of roles in public behavioral health including Peer Support Specialists and Peer leadership. This event has been positively evaluated and well received by an overwhelming majority of participants!

In addition to the annual Get Psyched symposium, RUHSBH engages in a number of high school outreach strategies that include in-the-classroom presentations on key topics, internships, mentorships, informational interviewing, observations, steering committees and other local campus activities.

To learn more contact Jose Gonzalez at or call 951-358-4625




(Published in 2016)



(Added in 2015)

Day 1: Recovery Innovations

recovery innovations


Day 2: Recovery Innovations

art works programs


Day 3: Consumer Affairs

consumer affairs


Day 4: Workforce Education and CIT Training

workforce education and CIT training


Day 5: 

Directing changesuicide preventionsend silence packingPEI summit