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County Spotlight - Plumas

Day 1: About Plumas County

The Makings of Plumas County Plumas County is located near the northeast corner of California, up where the Sierra and the Cascade mountains meet. The Feather River, with its several forks, flows through the county. Quincy, the unincorporated county seat, is about 80 miles northeast from Oroville, California, and about 85 miles from Lake Tahoe and Reno, Nevada. State highways 70 and 89 traverse the county.
Area Population & Geography The population of Plumas County is just under 22,000, and the Quincy area population is about 7,000. The county boasts more than 100 lakes and 1,000 miles of rivers and streams with over a million acres of national forest. With only nine people per square mile, this rural, four seasons mountain retreat offers beauty, solitude, and clean air, making it the ideal spot for a quiet vacation.


Day 2: Mission Statement

The stated mission of Plumas County Mental Health is to provide accessible, culturally and personally sensitive quality mental health services, supported by sound, ethical business practices, to enhance people’s ability to function effectively within their community. A cornerstone to accomplishing this mission is a profound respect for each individual’s unique perspectives, problems and solutions. Plumas County Mental Health is committed to listening to and learning from consumers, community members and providers to better understand ourselves and our world.


Day 3: Services

Plumas County Mental Health offers a variety of adult and children’s outpatient mental health services at regionally located service sites of throughout the county. Services include: Individual, family and couples therapy, medication evaluation and prescribing, coordinated case management, psychiatric nursing support, Drop in Center supportive services and Therapeutic Behavioral Services, (TBS).
Plumas County is one of two California counties that own and operates a Board and Care facility, Sierra House, for mentally ill adults that require daily supervision and support. The Sierra House is located next to the Drop in Center, a facility that offers supportive adult programming for Sierra House residents as well as for adults currently living in or transitioning to their respective Plumas County communities.
Hospital-Based Services are limited to the treatment of acute psychiatric crisis and are provided at contract facilities located outside Plumas County. Mid to long term residential services are provide for individuals on Conservatorship due to a severe mental disorder.

Day 4: Accessing Services

Services and additional information can be attained are by calling the Mental Health, Health and Human Services site at (530) 283-6307. Between 5:00 PM and 8:00AM and on Holidays and weekends crisis assessments can be initiated by calling (530)-283-6307. In situations involving immediate risks to public safety call the Plumas County Sheriffs Department at (530)-283-6300.

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Day 5: Service Sites

Mental Health, Health and Human Services Building

270 County Hospital Rd #109 Quincy, CA 95971






Drop-In-Center 527 Bell Lane Quincy, CA 95971

530-283-6370 phone

 Sierra House 529 Bell Lane Quincy, CA 95971


Greenville Office 430 Main St. Greenville, CA 95947

call main office for appointment

Chester Civic Complex 222 E. Willow St. Chester, CA 96020

Portola Office 48 Commercial St. Portola, CA 96122

call main office for appointment