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County Spotlight - Placer

(Published in 2016)

Campaign for community wellness

Campaign for community wellness


local stigma and discrimination reduction efforts

Placer County high schools have been very active in Directing Change, the contest as part of statewide efforts to prevent suicide, reduce stigma and discrimination related to mental illness, and to promote the mental health and wellness of students. This year, Michael Abshear and Noah Spahn, students at Whitney High School won third place statewide in the reducing stigma and discrimination category for a video titled “The Weight of Mental Illness”.

Placer County funded KidsFirst in producing an educational video in both Englishand Spanish on Postpartum Depression (PPD). PPD is an epidemic that affects 25% of parents. Left untreated, it can have negative lasting effects on the children. Survivors of PPD, an OB, and mental health professionals share signs and symptoms to spread the word, stop the stigma, and encourage people to find help. The video is for professionals and families who see parents during pregnancy and/or the postpartum period and that could identify the symptoms and assist the parents in seeking treatment.

On November 18, 2014, Placer County Office of Education offered training and support for 9 local high schools, a total of 82 students, to launch NAMI on Campus High School (NCHS). These clubs provide High School students a peer-run mental health organization on campus. These student-led clubs help support fellow students, raise mental health awareness, educate the campus community, and promote and advocate for services and supports. NAMI on Campus clubs address mental health issues so that all students have a positive, successful and fun educational experience. Click HERE for a brief highlight video of the training.

mental illness affects the world

Consumer focus

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Day 4: Culturally Relevant Services

culturally relevant servicessierra native alliancesierra native alliancesierra native allianceyouth empowerment support

With a unique and exciting partnership, Whole Person Learning and Placer County, integrate youth and young adult voice by embedding advocates within the Children’s System of Care. Through integrating valued personal experience in mental health, child welfare and probation services, Youth Empowerment Support (YES!) Program provides opportunities and trainings for community and system transformation as well as direct support, groups, and leadership opportunities for young people at risk of, in, or emancipating out of system services.

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Placer Street Shared Housing

Placer County Health and Human Services Adult System of Care Housing Programs

Advocates for Mentally Ill Housing, in partnership with Placer County, provides transitional and permanent housing for mentally ill adults throughout Placer County. Welcome Home specializes in providing a full complement of services aimed at helping clients live independently while facilitating access to the services they require. It is their mission to always seek out ways to help this under-served population heal and live independent and productive lives.

Getting Started Group

George House

George House

A special partnership of Placer County Adult System of Care, Turning Point Community Programs, and Advocates for Mentally Ill Housing, created the first supported housing for Full Service Partnership Transitional Aged Youth in Placer County. This supported housing project provides intensive wrap services with peers and staff for success.