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County Spotlight - Los Angeles

(Published in 2016)


MHSA Housing Program:  Building Hope and ending Homelessness:  A 2012 Impact Report

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Profiles of Hope

In 2010, the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health’s Public Information Office created and produced the Profiles of Hope broadcast television series as an anti-stigma and discrimination tool on mental health and recovery.

A total of twelve high-profile personalities, experienced and passionate advocates in promoting hope, wellness and recovery, donated their time and talent to create the Profiles series. The series highlights their individual struggles with mental illness; what was experienced in personal and family lives and how each individual coped and ultimately thrived. The testimonials encourage others to seek help, if needed, and ask the community to “re-think” traditional stereotypes about those suffering from mental illnesses, aiming to create open discussion about support and tolerance of those diagnosed with a mental illness.

The Profiles of Hope project shows that anyone could be subject to the stigma mental illness has traditionally carried and changes minds about how to support and view others with a diagnosis of mental illness.

In addition to the ten-minute segments, individual Public Service Announcements (PSAs) were created to strengthen LACDMH's message of hope, wellness and recovery within the community.

Originally shown on PBS in Los Angeles, the Profiles series has garnered two L.A. Area Emmy Awards, one Silver Telly Award and a Nevada-California cable award and has been growing:

• The California State University Provost requested DVD’s of the Profiles for distribution to all Cal State campuses to use as a learning tool.

• Other states have requested the programs, as have multiple Southern California cable operators to show the videos in various public forums and on broadcast television (cable and PBS).

• The LA County Channel gaveDMH an hour of daily programming where they show the Profiles daily.

• Clinics and other DMH programs show them in their lobbies and at conferences.

• Without any advertising or formal marketing, our videos have a high number of views: Rick Springfield’s Profile has over 64,000 views.

The videos are available on the DMH website and on our YouTube channel: LACDMH PIO