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County Spotlight - Lake

(Published in 2016)

Lake County Innovation Press Release

(Published in 2015)

Lake County Magazine - Hope Starts Here. Suicide Is Preventable

Lake County and Innovation: The Importane of Particatory Evaluation

The importance of participatory evaluation

Mother Wise Program

Having a baby is supposed to be the happiest time of a woman’s life, but sometimes things don’t go as planned. One in five women have their world turned upside-down by perinatal depression or anxiety. In fact, perinatal mood disorders are more common than any other pregnancy complication.


Mother-Wise is a community service organization that helps moms find and maintain real support when they need it most. One of the simplest things we do is store donations of extra and used baby items for distribution to moms in need. This service helps us meet more moms, and invite them to our fun weekly groups where they can connect with other moms in the area, get tips for optimal bonding, and learn more about other local programs and services. These groups include childcare for older siblings, so that Mom and Baby can have the best possible time together. Finally, our companion program provides a dependable, trained volunteer who becomes a mom’s dedicated supporter, including house calls by arrangement.

Mother-Wise is funded by Lake County Behavioral Health-Proposition 63—The Mental Health Services Act and Lake County Children’s Council.

For more information, please call Jaclyn Ley, Mother-Wise Program Coordinator, at (707) 349-1210, or find us on Facebook, at


Lake County and Senior Peer Counseling Program

Senior Peer Counseling Program

Lake County's Full Service Partnership

Lake County's Full Service Partnership

Lake County's Full Service Partnership