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County Spotlight - Amador

(Published in 2016)

Prop 63 program outcomes in Amador County

Amador County 1

Prop 63 numbers in Amador County

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Upcoming Events in Amador County

As part of the Innovation Project to Increase Access to Mental Health Services for Isolated Communities, Mental Health America of Northern California is providing "Wellness Days" in areas that are hard to reach. In February or March, MHA will be hosting a Latino Wellness Day in Plymouth. In May, for Mental Health Month, MHA is planning for two special Wellness Days: for Older Adults at the Senior Center and for Maternal Wellness at First 5 Amador. Click here to go to their Facebook page and for more information.


In the words of Amador County clients

"My therapist talks to me and listens to me, and l like it when someone listens to what I am going through in life."

"I feel much better and able to talk to people more. Staff always encourages me to keep positive and makes me feel there is always support when I need them most."

"The services helped me to get out of my house more and I have people to talk to now. I don't feel as lonely."

"My kids are my hope. Knowing that the behavioral health team is there for me is also an inspiration for me to be there."

"For my future is to keep going forward with my programs and my mental health stuff. Maybe there will be a day when I won't need as much therapy but for now I believe I need that just as much as my meeting as recovery in general."

"My words of advice to others who may be struggling with their mental health: 'It's a hard road to go through but please don't give up. You will get the right treatment and therapy.' It can take many years to get the right combo. I feel like miracle."


Making a difference in the community

Community partners had promoted the “Know the Signs” campaign throughout the county.  Local advertising on television resulted in the first ever suicide prevention ad in Amador County. Since then, over 100 people have been trained in Mental Health First Aid at the Health and Human Services Building.