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County Spotlight - Alameda

(Published 2016)

2016 Update:  Alameda County Mental Health Services Act Community Newsletters

Spotlight on: Work Supports Wellness

Spotlight on: Prevention

Alameda County 1
Spotlight on: Hope and Wellness

Spotlight on: Wellness, Recovery, Resiliency

For more information, go to: Alameda County MHSA

(2015) Consumer Empowerment

Alameda county  "Let's Talk Transitions" TAY Youth Leadership
  Conference April 2-3, 2015 at CSU East Bay

Participants representing the wide spectrum of stakeholders will identify cross-system solutions to improve the mental health of youth and young adult by breaking out of silo structures into creative partnerships.
PEERS 2-Day Summit- Let's Talk Transitions: Resources to revolutionize mental health for TAY


flowers  East Bay Consumers See Healing in Ferguson

Lyndsey Ellis, a St. Louis native, talks about her visit back home after the tragic death of Michael Brown and how Ferguson is healing. #Blacklivesmatter

Reflections on Healing and Trauma in Ferguson


bestfriends  Peer-lead Countywide Social Inclusion

The Campaign aims to eradicate two types of stigma: External stigma, which refers to the attitudes held by society that people with mental health issues are somehow lacking, incapable, incompetent, or not worthy of dignified and equitable treatment; Internal stigma is the attitude held by the person with mental health challenges that they are unworthy, unlovable, and unvalued.

Alameda County Social Inclusion Campaign


  “Nothing about Us without Us” Alameda
  County’s Pool of Consumer Champions

From its inaugural Conference in May 2007, the POCC has grown to over 500 consumers strong. Its mission is to improve the quality of life for Alameda County residents who have mental health issues and to provide the consumer perspective in transforming Alameda County Mental health Services to a recovery vision that is consumer-driven, culturally competent, and holistic in its services and supports. It provides a strong voice: of, by, and for consumers in the mental health system and in the community. “Nothing about Us without Us” is the POCC’s overarching theme.


African american boy  “I know it’s not going to be easy, but now I
  feel that I have control, and I cannot let
  myself down…”

Local program helps Romeo find housing and employment in his journey to wellness.
Romeo’s Ups and Downs


Family Empowerment

holding hands  “We’ve been there, we can help”

Alameda County Family Education and Resource Centers were developed by and for family members whose loved ones live with mental health issues, and it is staffed by family members. Family Advocates have now served over 10,000 family members including training and workshops. It has design has been recognized nationally as a model for family support and systems change.
Family Education And Resource Center: Caring For The Caregivers


Family Members and First Responders

police officer  Crisis Intervention Training Arms Police With Tools For Crisis Calls


father  Crisis Intervention Training: Reducing One Family’s Fears

Family members play a key role in Alameda County’s Crisis Intervention Training which police officers how to better respond to mental health emergencies.


children  “Making Early Connections”

Early Connections is a collaboration of family members, providers, and community members working together in a systems change effort designed to improve and promote wellness for young children and their families in Alameda County. Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services, First 5 of Alameda County and United Advocates for Children and Families work to strengthen and sustain Alameda County’s system of care for children ages 0 – 5 with social, emotional, behavioral and related developmental concerns, and their families. Building on existing services and supports, Early Connections seeks to strengthen the system so that it is more family driven, accessible, integrated, and culturally and linguistically responsive.


“Behavioral Health Wellness Path”

A graphic representation of the life journey involved with your loved one.





Reaching Undeserved Communities

This program serves Latinos throughout Alameda County by providing services through a four agency collaborative: La Clínica de La Raza serves the northern region, La Familia Counseling Service serves the central region, Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center serves the southern county region and East Bay Youth and Family Initiatives serves the east county region.
 Cultura y Bienstar on Vimeo  Cultura y Bienstar


API Connections

police officer Community Health for Asian Americans

Asian American Asian Community Mental Health


 Asian Community Mental Health (ACMHS) and Community Health for Asian Americans (CHAA) serve a diverse range of unserved and underserved API communities through the provision of culturally responsive mental health promotion/prevention and early intervention services.
 ACMHS on Vimeo


South Asian and Afghan Outreach

wave The Portia Bell Hume Center and the Afghan Coalition


  afghan The Afghan Coalition

The Portia Bell Hume Center and the Afghan Coalition work collaboratively in providing home visits, gender specific support groups, psycho-educational workshops and presentations, mental health consultations, healing practices that address issues of trauma, low-intensity early intervention visits and other cultural celebrations.


Spirit, Art & Culture, Guidance and Encouragement (SAGE) Center

  native american  “Native American Health Center

This program serves Latinos throughout Alameda County by providing services through a four agency collaborative: La Clínica de La Raza serves the northern region, La Familia Counseling Service serves the central region, Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center serves the southern county region and East Bay Youth and Family Initiatives serves the east county region.
 Native American Health Center - Prevention and Early Intervention


Integrating Primary Care and Mental Health

Creating a P.A.T.H. for consumers


Promoting Access to Health (PATH) is a SAMSA-funded projects designed to improve access to primary care services with the goal of improving health outcomes for consumers. P.A.T.H. service sites become the “medical home” for consumers who otherwise would have barriers to accessing primary care.

Promoting Access to Heath: PATH
Lifelong Medical Care
Alameda County Tri-City Community Support Center


10x10 Campaign


Alameda County took the National Pledge to promote wellness for people with mental and substance abuse disorders by taking action to improve the quality of life and increase life expectancies by ten years in ten years.

Alameda County 10x10


The "safety net for the safety net…"

    Alameda County health clinic network for neediest

    Clinic for the Homeless to Open in Oakland

The Trust Clinic provides primary care, mental health, housing assistance and benefits advocacy to downtown Oakland’s homeless.


Doing “Whatever It Takes”

Treating the most difficult to serve


Each year, Alameda County’s Full Service Partnerships provide wraparound services to nearly 500 consumers who had been homeless or are at high risk for homelessness.

Ralph' Story: An ABODE Agency Partner's Story
FACT Agency
Barbara's Story: A BACS Agency Partner's story
CHOICES for Community Living


Keeping Housing Affordable for Consumers


Alameda County’s MHSA Housing program has secured over 150 housing units and subsidizes over 600 housing slots each year for our neediest consumers.
Housing Services Office
Alameda County Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) Housing


Employment promotes wellness

Alameda County’s Individual Placement and Support (IPS) is an evidence-based program featuring ongoing, one-on-one support to help people with mental illness find and keep a mainstream job in the community, working alongside non-disabled workers, and earning at least minimum wage.

Alameda County-Dartmouth Collaborative
Alameda County Introduces IPS Supported Employment